About the blog

The Wedding Decorator launched via Blogger in 2005. I blogged my first Wedding Decorator posts on my personal site, darleeneisms, but realized at the time with all the work I was doing with my mom, a florist, that it really could just be its own blog.

This Wedding Decorator is a unique blog because it is not funded or backed by any other companies. The Wedding Decorator is solely written and designed by Darleene Powells.

A good majority of the pictures and decorations featured on this blog are my own work with my mom, who was a florist for 15 years. However, I also like to blog about decorations from the weddings I’ve attended, weddings friends have attended and pictures I’ve found on Flickr. All photos are appropriately labeled, however, if you find your photo and would either like it removed or would like an additional link on the blogroll, please shoot me an email at darleene (at) weddingdecoratorblog.com.

The Wedding Decorator is proudly powered by WordPress and uses the Twenty Eleven theme. Sincere and effusive thanks to Zeaks and randyzwitch.com for customization help and my husband, Trinity Powells (who is available for graphic design work), for the lovely header image.