Awesome ceiling decorations

Sometimes, you have to find the right venue if you want to have fabric draped from the ceiling in an awesome way. For example, the Altadena Country Club decorates the ceilings of at least two of its banquet rooms with crystal organza.

Flickr photo by Hoang

This banquet room is apparently the venue’s Victorian Room. Besides the exposed beams (which are already pretty cool on their own), the room features a very large, dangling silver chandelier. And from the chandelier, the venue has draped crystal organza and Christmas lights all across the ceiling, in a sunburst pattern. How awesome would this look at your reception, hmmm?

Flickr photo by Hoang

I also saw this reception and thought it was pretty awesome. It looks as though the florist not only draped English netting from the ceiling, but also hung pink and fuschia flower balls over the dance floor. I can honestly say I’ve never seen this done before. Anyone else willing to try and duplicate it? Send me the pictures if you do!

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