Big flower arrangements for display

When we decorated weddings, my mom always readied a large display arrangement, usually for the entrance, sometimes to flank the head tables, or to punctuate the buffet table. Here are a few examples of big flower arrangements you can use to wow your guests.


Here is one at the entrance of a wedding reception. These flowers were built onto a three-tiered stand, a very heavy one, so its not like someone could just walk off with it. (This is an important attribute; we used to have lots of problems with people taking home our equipment.) This arrangement contains red and white roses, white Hawaiian orchids, and stargazers. My mom wrapped the poles holding up each tier for an extra pop of color — and to hide any imperfections, of course.


This arrangement is striking because of all the silver leaves. As you can guess, you don’t usually see silver ti leaves and areca palms in nature, so these are spray painted. For a big display arrangement, you should use big, high-impact flowers like the pink ginger, orange heliconia and the massive protea in the center. I’ve always loved protea in arrangements; they look as if they came from underwater, but these flowers are furry to the touch.


This is a closeup one one arrangement in a four-arrangement display table.

Green four-arrangement display table

The arrangements were sort of a backdrop for the couple’s photos and baby pictures. Inside, my mom filled these massive glass vases with water and a sprig of green cymbidium orchids. Up top, she used white Hawaiian orchids, green dendrobium orchids, heliconia and lots of tropical greens.

golden anniversary tropical arrangementThis arrangement was the center of a buffet table, so of course it used fresh fruit. My mom used a mix of spray-painted and braided and non-spray painted ti leaves, pink ginger, heliconia, mango, oranges, pineapple, apples, grapes and bananas. While you probably wouldn’t have plucked these from the arrangement to eat at the party, the fruit was actually still good, if you don’t mind a floral pick pierced through your mango or orange.

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