Bridal bouquets in wild colors

Because the economy is in the dumps, we’re apparently supposed to be all dour and serious and sedate is supposed to be in. But when it comes to your wedding? I think not. Your wedding day should be a joyous event, so if you want to have shots of color, by all means, go for it!

Photo by Flickr’s rydeeroo

I once did a story, a long, long time ago when I was an intern at the Arizona Republic, about brides who opt for colored wedding dresses, as opposed to the traditional, American white wedding gown. Apparently, the tradition still holds when it comes to wedding gowns, seeing as how the majority of wedding gowns are white or cream, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a shot of color with your bridal bouquet. For example, check out the bouquet above — it would be a very traditional bouquet, except the bride opted for those velvety red roses, rather than white. I love the effect.

Photo by Flickr’s beckie stokes

You could even minimize the white even further, like with this bouquet. I love how the white rose became the spot of color in this bouquet of red roses and purple statice.

Photo by Flickr’s arspringfield

This bouquet is spectacular. I think it says a lot about the bride — that she’s probably very bold and non-traditional. Not only is the bouquet done with all sorts of green orchids, ti leaves and curly willow, its also non-symmetric. For me, someone who always wants everything to match!, that’s a pretty out there bouquet.

Photo by Flickr’s JAGwired

This bouquet is so simple, but the choices of color make it really pop. The Flickr page says roses, dahlias, stock, freesia, tulips, calla lily and ranunculus are used. I also believe that opting for non-white flowers may save you money — think about it. Brides always want white flowers, right?

Photo by Flickr’s lyzadanger

This bouquet kind of mixes flowers and colors — two types of orchids, dendrobium and cymbidium, dark purple calla lilies and those exotic leaves. Seriously, if you want to stay the center of attention and not lose any spotlight to your bridesmaids (though you love them!), carry a bouquet like this one.

Photo by Flickr’s Daveybot

Out of this particular bunch, this bouquet may just be my favorite. I love the colors, I love the non traditional flowers used (do you see even one rose?!). This bouquet feels very Secret Garden to me. I can only name some of the flowers used — lots of pink orchids, purple lisianthus, ivy and so much more.

Obviously, I found all these photos on Flickr and these are by no means all I found. Check out my favorites to see what I’ve picked out.

4 thoughts on “Bridal bouquets in wild colors

  1. Wild colors are really becoming a popular option for many brides. I’ve seen it more and more and it always seems to be some of the most beautiful floral arrangements. Great choice of pictures. Really helps show the beauty of eccentric color options.


  2. I’m the lucky girl who got the second-from-bottom bouquet in my wedding. Basically: the florist is a good friend of mine. I got married in the middle of the (wild, nowhere) desert. Here’s the secret: trust. I told him: go wild, go imaginative. I trust you to choose amazing things.

    My husband is an orchid fanatic: he grows them. So those were a given. Callas tend to be my thing; I like their simple lines.

    Other amazing things at the wedding: air plants as centerpieces, along with potted orchids (so we could keep them!), calla lilies partially buried in the ground outside; bold and modern simple plants in many places instead of flowers.

    My only rule was no roses or carnations.

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