Using calla lilies for your wedding

Calla lilies, with their long, elegant trumpet shape and most recognizable in their creamy shade of white are a natural choice for a wedding flower. It also doesn’t hurt that they come in a rainbow of colors and last long — up to 10 days after being cut.

Calla lilies are perfect for tall flower arrangements. If you didn’t cut it, I’ve seen them as long as a yard. But they’re not just for large arrangements — mini calla lilies are even more flexible than the full size ones. I’ve seen calla lilies in everything from small table arrangements to personal flowers to bouquets.

IMG_3421Here are calla lilies, the long kind with white blooms, paired with yellow roses for a golden anniversary wedding. These bouquets were for the bridesmaids. I like the extra added touch of the gold rope and gold tulle.

Whenever I find flower arrangements I like, I try to take a photo. I found these beauties at work, in the bathroom. I think there was a VIP event, so the bathrooms were extra spiffy that day. Anyway, I love the bright variegated mini calla lilies, mixed in with the green cymbidium orchids and yellow roses. One nice thing about calla lilies is that, because of their long, straight lines, they are great for artistic, asymmetrical floral arrangements.

DSC01400It’s totally a coincidence that a majority of the calla lily photos I have to share here have been from yellow weddings. Anyway, these yellow callas were super bright and were paired with yellow lilies, roses and white tulips.

Top of bridal bouquetI also loved the mini calla lilies that my brother used in this purple and green wedding. The mini callas were variegated purple and white — how awesome is that? In this bridal bouquet, its kind of lost among the anemone and those huge gardenia blossoms. IMG_5708He did get a chance to use them in a boutonniere, though, which put it front and center.

One more important thing to note about using calla lilies — they are a toxic flower, so they should not be used to decorate a cake and you should not use them in flowers that will be worn by children, just in case.

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