Bridal gowns with color

Thanks to Jessica Biel, I think its safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot more pink bridal gowns in 2013. It apparently shocked, shocked! celebrity watchers when she chose a pink wedding dress. Um, it’s 2012, and I think many brides are throwing wedding traditions — like the white wedding dress — out the window with no regrets.

Ivory/pearl pink wedding dress from David’s Bridal

Apparently, 2013 bridal gowns from designers like Vera Wang, Enzoani and Maggie Sotero were in all sorts of strong colors — scarlet red, deep burgundy, peach, even black. However, when it comes to high fashion, from my experience, fashions seen on the runway are tempered down when it comes to regular consumers. So I don’t expect too many brides to rock scarlet red wedding gowns — unless you’re Chinese, and you’re wearing a traditional Chinese gown in red, symbolizing good luck in that culture.

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Big Brother 5 alumnus Diane Henry elopes in Tennessee

I didn’t watch Big Brother — for the most part, I stay away from reality TV — so it was a surprise to find out how awesome Diane Henry was when she joined the web team at my day job. She has since left to join her now-husband in one of the so-called flyover states, but we still keep in touch over Facebook, which is where I learned of her engagement and recent elopement in Tennessee.

Diane and Shawn elope!

Diane, awesome as she is, obliged me when I asked if I could blog her wedding — and gave me some of the awesome details behind her big day.

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A look at royal wedding flowers and royal wedding cakes

They’re no longer simply Prince William and Kate Middleton — they are now officially the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I just know that if my mom had been alive today, I’d be at her house, going through YouTube clips with her of today’s wedding, or giving her a manicure as we watched wall-to-wall coverage.

Flickr photo by The British Monarchy

Overall, the royal wedding looked to be an elaborate affair that was carried off without a hitch, and in spite of the pressure and all the press, both William and Kate looked to be truly happy on their wedding day. As we all know from today’s coverage, there even appeared to be joking at the altar. I also love how Prince Harry looked to be genuinely happy for his big brother.

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How do royals do wedding giveaways?

I’ve seen all manner of wedding giveaways here in the U.S., from ceramic knicknacks, to CD compilations of the couple’s favorite music, to candy, to potpourri (my least favorite). I don’t know how the British do, but if you’re royalty, you do full-on china.

Flickr photo by The British Monarchy

Talk about a souvenir. The script, if you were wondering, reads “Celebrate the Marriage of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton” with the date of the wedding at the bottom. I love the entwined C and W with a crown above. The border of the plate (if its fine china, can you still call a single unit a “plate”?) features bows, vines and “C” and “W” initials facing out. Yeah, I don’t think anyone will be eating on these.
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Flowers for a royal wedding

As we all know, if there was ever a #1 priority here at Wedding Decorator Blog, it would be flowers. So when it comes to the royal wedding (just 10 days to go!), what will the flowers look like????

Apparently, its a tradition for the bridal bouquet to be massive. Just check out Lady-turned-Princess Diana’s bridal bouquet for her wedding in 1981.

Photo from BBC America

That’s a big bouquet. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would have had to lift weights to get ready to hold that size bouquet all day long. Plus, it was halfway to the ground!

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