Congratulations, you’re engaged! What do you do first?

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Go to Disneyland? Just kidding. I have a few friends who got engaged over the holidays and I am very happy and excited for them. As I was talking to one of my friends, it occurred to me — what do you do first after that ring is on the bride-to-be’s finger? I thought I’d put the question to my married friends on Facebook. Some of the replies were pretty hilarious, and I hope you enjoy!

“Got married”

“Found a church so we could set a date.”

“Actually that was the second thing…when we got back from our picnic at the beach”

“I started buying giant bridal magazines, thus beginning an obsession.”

“planned announcements”

“We put our phones away and reveled in the moment together before calling our family and friends. Logistically? We set a date and found a venue.”

“Called my mom”


“Put our clothes back on…Lol” (This one cracked me up, coming from a minister!)

“Called our parents and told them wedding was in three weeks!!!”

“Went to war”

“We opened the rest of our Christmas presents. I proposed Christmas morning 2004.”

“Texted BFF and Changed my “myspace” status lol”

I plan to revisit this issue again, because my conversation with my friend made me realize that some people may not know what to do after the question has been popped and a ring accepted. So, for all of you newly engaged….just enjoy it for now!

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