Hire Me

I often get inquiries about guest posts, sponsored posts, etc.

Guest posts, sponsored posts and reviews

As I’ve said before, I no longer accept unsolicited guest posts. I’m a writer and a journalist at heart, and even if it makes me a bit of a control freak, I want this site to have a uniform style, both in terms of writing, content and image selection. So, I’m sorry, I cannot accept your guest post.

Occasionally, I will accept a guest post from a writer or expert I personally know and have vetted.

If you would like to sponsor a post, we can discuss it. My version of a sponsored post would be a regular post written by me, with a link to your business, in the form of “This post was sponsored by [company name].” These, of course, would be a paid sponsorship — with price and the inclusion of a logo being negotiable.

I will also consider writing review posts, for a fee.


If you would like to contract my services as a decorator, for draping, backdrops, etc., I would recommend contacting my brother, Daniel Barrientos. He is a creative and hard-working florist, right now working in conjunction with HollyFlora in West Los Angeles, but he also contracts weddings on his own.