Have a black and white wedding

Black and white is a classic color combination that is considered very chic and sophisticated — but not for weddings. In fact, I’d say that brides generally shy away from using black in any form or manner when it comes to their wedding. Maybe it’s superstition, since black is considered to be evil, bad luck, etc., but I would like to say that this is poppycock. Black and white is so easy and actually quite beautiful as a color scheme.

Flickr photo by LIndsayLMHC

Flickr photo by LIndsayLMHC

This photo appears to have been taken through a window, so forgive the underwater look. But what a gorgeous table setting. I love the silky black chair covers and and tablecloths, the beautiful silver tableware and plates, topped with satiny white napkins, and check out that lovely black-and-white patterned table runner down the middle. When decorating for a black and white wedding, the flowers are simple too — just use any combination of white flowers (like roses, stock, tuberoses, etc.) Here, they added some extra flair with feathers. Like it was needed!

As a matter of fact, feathers are another easy way to do black and white and still have it be fun and — let’s be honest — keep it from feeling like a funeral.

Flickr photo by LIndsayLMHC

Flickr photo by LIndsayLMHC

These black and white centerpieces — black and white feathers on top of a glass trumpet vase containing clear pebbles and a single rose — are genius. They’re so simple too! I love the extra touch of the branches with crystals strung from them.

Here’s another great centerpiece at a black and white wedding. This one is a silver branch strung with crystals in a glass vase of black, silver and clear marbles. In the background, you can see that the seats are covered in white and the sashes are sheer black organza. I also like the black-and-white patterned place card — its a natural decor element choice at a black and white wedding.

One of the easiest things to do black and white is your cake.

These cakes are so gorgeous — so simple and stark and sophisticated. The one on the left is basically a white, three-tiered cake, and the bottom of each tier is accented with black, lacy-looking edging. The cake on the right is basically two black tiers with a white one in between, but I love the white fondant flowers on top and the stylized black heart on the white tier. Apparently, the story behind this cake was that the bride and groom originally wanted a cake covered in skulls. I think this worked better.

This is one is the piece de resistance.

I love the head table and backdrop of this wedding. The black fabric — which looks to be black English netting — is so dramatic against the white tablecloths and the white material used on the backdrop. Achieving this look is actually pretty easy — just gather one end of the fabric and attach it at the center of the table (or the backdrop), stretch the top of the fabric along the edge of the table, then gather the other end of the fabric at the other end of the table. Repeat at the other side. If you’ve got a little bit of fabric on the ends, fluff them up for a nice effect.

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