Decorating with fabric up high

Draping really changes the way any venue looks and makes it fit for a wedding. Take this Malibu house, for example. Without the blue and turquoise organza, its simply a house — albeit a very nice one, having a party. But with the draping, there’s no doubt that this party is a wedding.

What I truly love is when the venue lends itself for draping up high. Draping on tables is great, but draping the banisters of the second floor balcony? Awesome.

So I went onto Flickr and pulled up a few photos of weddings with draping on the walls or ceilings. For example, this wedding does not have a backdrop — or does it? I daresay it does, with the draping behind the table, along with garland and wreaths. It’s perfect for a Christmastime wedding.

Flickr photo by Weddings by Alis

This setup is really awesome. Besides the elaborate backdrop, complete with four columns and the lights behind the sheer white fabric along the back, there is four draped balustrades in front of the sweetheart table’s riser. The finishing touch is the draping from the ceiling. I’m guessing that the material is gold and white chiffon, with strings of light draped inside the white fabric. Awesome!

Flickr photo by Silverlight2010

If you’re reception is going to be inside a tent, here’s how to decorate the sometimes ugly poles that hold it up. It looks like the decorator wrapped strings of light around the poles, then wrapped them in what appears to be purple tulle. They also hung the lights inside the tulle from the ceilings.

Flickr photo by Design With Chon

Remember what I said earlier about the two-story venues and balustrades? I love this setup. The photo doesn’t show where the fabric originates from, but I love how the fabric and the strings of light practically light up the air. From the shape of this room, it looks like this could be a ship or boat. It would be interesting to find out what kind of strings of light the decorator used, because they really light up the hanging fabric.

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