Elaborate Backdrops

Most of the backdrops I’ve ever decorated have used columns, balustrades and colonnades. However, most backdrops, I’ve found, have been on straight PVC frames like the one below.

There are several benefits to decorating a straight frame, rather than a combination of columns or colonnades.


Flickr photo by jfravel

I generally don’t like putting lights underneath material — I like to err on the side of caution, and you never know the power of a string of lights — but a straight frame allows easy hanging of lights.

Flickr photo by khumbacho

Draping fabric is honestly easier from a straight edge.

A straight edge backdrop allows for more layers of fabric, and therefore, more design. This one is pretty elaborate — the bright pink draped along the top, plus two more colors draped from the center of the top.

Flickr photo by INDSDecore

This is my favorite design of the bunch. It’s peacock inspired — love the two peacocks on columns in front of the backdrop — but pay attention to the design. It’s very clever. It appears as if the backdrop is draped with four colors of fabric — a gold color on the outside, white on the inside, a pale blue gently draped from the middle of the white, and purple pulled tight along the center. And I love how the two frames are placed so that you can see the pink spotlight behind the backdrop. And, as a bonus, I love the way they set apart the bride and groom’s places on the long head table — with a colorful, patterned tablecloth underneath their table settings.

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