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I have a friend who shops at Costco for everything, and I mean everything. He even used to tell us about going to Costco’s all over the country — while visiting the East Coast, while in Maui. Yeesh. If I was in Maui, I wouldn’t be spending my time at Costco, lemme tell ya. But I understand the Costco fixation; I love going and I always find stuff that’s useful and its always of good quality. So, does the sentiment carry over to wedding flowers?

Did anyone else even realize that had a weddings section? The flowers are provided from VistaFlor and their prices range from $100 to $1,000. Even at the top of that range, that’s still quite cheap.

Pictured above is their Garden Wedding Collection, available in six colors. The 20-piece package includes 1 bridal bouquet, 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 throw bouquet, 6 corsages, 6 attendant boutonnieres, 3 centerpieces (vases not included) and 1 rose petal bud, presumably for the flower girl. That package is $249, which is not bad at all.

It would be hard, at least for me, to buy my bridal flowers online. I actually like to see things, plus these are flowers that are going to be pinned onto people and held by people, so you wonder if the flowers and the person will complement each other? I don’t know. But if you feel like you’d rather go to a florist you can talk to for personal flowers, go for it. But seriously consider these centerpiece packages.

Aren’t they pretty? You can get an order of six centerpieces for $379.99, whether its the red rose with pearl pin centerpiece, the hydrangea centerpiece (in blue and white) or the calla lilly centerpiece. This is amazing, since I know a lot of places tend to charge more for these types of flowers.

I’m really not trying to sell you on anything, I just think that this is a pretty damn good deal. But if you’re now leaning toward as your florist (how funny will that sound?!), you should know about the shipping. You have to order at least 4 weeks in advance, no matter what, they do not deliver on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, and your order will always be delivered at least two days in advance. So, if your wedding is on a Saturday (as most are) your flowers will be delivered on Thursday. This does complicate things, since you will have to care for your flowers in those two days and not many people have a big enough refrigerator to accommodate that many flowers.

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