Gorgeous wedding cakes

In the end, you want your cake to taste delicious, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to have it look amazing before you cut into it, right?

I know that cakes have come a long way and can be works of art in and of itself (Ace of Cakes is amazing), but I love really simple wedding cakes that can be adorned without looking way out there. Like this cake. The cake, which was done for a friend’s wedding by Ann Amernick, is really simple, but has some beautifully simple details — the thin green ribbon at the base of each tier, the delicately colored candy flowers.

Flickr photo by hoangmlee

My friend Hoang goes to a lot of really beautiful weddings. Here’s another simple cake that serves as a nice canvas for some color — like silver and pink ribbons along the base of each tier — and the pink-edged white roses and pink lilies along one side of the cake. The asymmetrical effect is very artsy.

Flickr photo by hoangmlee

This cake is similarly simple, but also decorated beautifully. Instead of round tiers, you’ve got squares off-center from each other and topped with a round tier. Each tier has alternating frosting decoration and each bottom is lined with blue ribbon and something silver….maybe ribbon? Then, its decorated with purple dendrobium orchid blooms along the bottom of the cake on the table and on each corner, and topped with an arrangement of orchids and baby’s breath. It’s almost too pretty to cut into.

Flickr photo by Osprey24

This cake is different in that each tier doesn’t directly sit on each other. Instead, each tier has a lot of space in between to make room for a lot of white and orange gerber daisies, daisies, white mums and what appear to be mini sunflowers. More daisies sit on a bed of lemon leaf on the table along the cake. How pretty and fun is that?

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  1. Beautiful cakes! I help run a venue in Birmingham AL. Most brides still want to keep the top tier of their cake but if you plan to keep it a year, you must store it properly.

    First, pre-freeze it for a few hours once it arrives home. This makes it much easier to wrap. Second wrap it in plastic wrap and keep as much air out as possible. Third wrap it in foil. Finally put it into something that is air tight like tupper ware.

    Of course a year is a long time, but if you want to even attempt to eat it (without tasting like stale refrigerator water) you must store it properly

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