A spectacular home wedding

I haven’t had the pleasure of attending or decorating too many home weddings, but this wedding has basically ruined me for all future home weddings, I think.

I was thoroughly, thoroughly impressed. This was the wedding of Sid and Maureen, who met while working at Fox Sports, where my husband spent some time a few years ago. Before I get into the decorations and such, I first have to say this was one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve ever attended. It’s truly a testament to the couple when it feels as if all their wedding guests are so incredibly nice.

There was probably one thing I would have changed — I would have added “garden wedding and reception” to the invitations. It would have signaled to all the women attending that they’d be walking in grass during the entire event. I happened to be nearly 8 months pregnant when attending, so there was no way I was planning to wear heels anyway — I wore a long dress and flat sandals and was apparently the only woman at the wedding who felt comfortable walking, heheh.


Congratulations, Maureen and Sid!

Here are Sid and Maureen, after saying their “I do’s. The entire wedding ceremony and reception was well choreographed, so much so that it didn’t feel so much like everything was on a schedule, even though I’m sure there was one.


Wow, check out that tent.

This was my first glimpse of the reception area and I got very, very excited. However, this was the dinner area — there was still the cocktails and hors d’oeurves area to get through. This home’s outdoor was perfectly laid out for a wedding, actually — a large front yard for the wedding ceremony, the pool area/grassy area with benches for the cocktails and food serving areas and a large grassy area (I had commented to my husband that I’m positive they had played football and/or soccer in that area, it was so big) for the reception area.

I had heard from one of the bridesmaids that there actually was a traditional Indian ceremony the previous day. I really wish I had a link to those pictures, but was unable to get the card of the wedding photographer — one of whom was at least 9 months pregnant and looked ready to pop that night. She was still trooping around, taking pictures like a pro though! If I can get a hold of that, and decorator information, later, I will definitely add.

The reception area was laid out with a dance area in the center, of course, with the sweetheart table at the top, and flanked by two long reception tables seating possibly 20 people each. One of the long tables was reserved for the bridal party and their guests, I think. All around the perimeter were round tables, probably seating 8 or 10 each.

If you couldn’t tell, the wedding’s color was a vibrant purple, which was used for the table cloths and the lighting. But everything else against the purple was in contrast and bright — Chiavari ballroom chairs, vases and candle holders in a gold finish, black lanterns with tinted glass, silver champagne holders. It solidifies my theory that purple goes with everything, heheh.


My husband and I with the bride and groom. What a great wedding.

Anyway, it was a spectacular wedding and I’m so glad I got to attend. Congratulations again, Sid and Maureen!

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