Orange and purple wedding canopy at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point

Most friends usually pick up the phone and call (or these days, text) when they see something that reminds them of a friend. My friends break out their cameras when they see a wedding.

101_0210This wedding took place at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point. It is actually overlooking the ocean, which you can’t see from here — if the photo had been taken with the ocean in the background, the image would be completely washed out.

From what I hear, and as you can see, everyone who came upon this wedding thought the colors were gorgeous and they appear to be quite vibrant. Orange and purple don’t generally come to mind when I think of a traditional wedding — either it was an Indian wedding, or it was simply a very non-traditional bride. Very bright colors like orange and red are often used at Indian weddings, as are the orchid garlands, but Indian weddings also tend to have more wedding accoutrements than a simple canopy.


The canopies were beautifully dressed in what appears to be orange chiffon and dangling crystals.The flowers are amazing.


Here’s a closeup of beautiful purple and orange arrangements. I can see at least three varieties of orchids, purple anemones, blue hydrangea, orange roses with a red blush and a couple of red pincushions.101_0207

I also love the use of the orchid garlands, along with the long strings of crystals. Those must have caught a lot of light, especially against the ocean backdrop.

101_0209All in all, its a spectacular setup. I would have loved to see what the reception looked like — maybe it was just as exotic and beautiful as the ceremony setup.

A quick note about garlands and dangling crystals, though — having an ocean view also means dealing with brisk, maybe gusty, ocean breezes so if this looks like something you’d like to do, make sure the crystals aren’t long enough to whip you or your groom or your officiant at the worst time.

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