Real wax, flameless candles for your wedding

I’ve decorated any number of weddings in which the bride wanted lots of lighting incorporated in their flowers and decorations, including candles and Christmas lights. Both those options had their difficulties — candles are not always allowed or require a permit from the fire department and Christmas lights require a power source, and its not like you can link together 20 table arrangements with normal Christmas lights. I’ve spent many nights loading batteries into yard-long Christmas light strings, wrapping up the battery pack to protect it from water in the arrangement, then taking it all apart at the end, believe me. And let’s not talk about the fire danger of traditional luminaries, where you light a candle inside a paper bag.


Image courtesy Candle Luminary

However, there’s a Southern California company that is making real wax candles, but instead of lighting them, you use rechargeable lights to light them up. Candle Luminary is making these candles in several sizes and shapes and, as you can see above, there is also a floating option. I got a chance to check them out recently.

In short, Candle Luminary’s flameless candles are real wax tubes or cubes in various sizes, from $2 2×2 round luminaries to $13 5x5x18 square luminaries. If you’re decorating a corporate party with a logo or the bride and groom would like to imprint a photo on their luminaries, that can be done too, and its not a permanent something you have to keep — because who has room for 20 candle luminaries with their photo on it? The luminaries are an environmentally-friendly product because if they wear down or an imprinted luminary is no longer needed, they can be melted down and reshaped again.

The floating luminaries come with waterproof tea lights. The regular luminaries can come with rechargeable lights that can also come in a variety of colors and can be controlled via remote control. (Seriously, your groom will be all about that. Boys and their remotes…) You can also set the lights to cycle through colors and set them to go out at a certain time.


Image courtesy Candle Luminary

A trio of square luminaries, like the one pictured here, is $23 per table. It looks like one of the squares here is being used to hold the floral table arrangement, which is nice.


Image courtesy Candle Luminary

Using flameless candles would also make it possible to use them with usually-flammable decorative elements, like tablecloths and draping. You wouldn’t have to worry about knocking them over (because we all know how wedding guests like to drink) and setting the backdrop or buffet table on fire.

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