I’ve been working in the wedding business for a very long time. I already pride myself on being a good judge of character, so I like to think that I know some of the best up-and-coming folks in the business. The following vendors are people that I’ve worked with personally in one form or manner, and have been impressed with them. So when it comes to their wedding-related work, I would absolutely recommend them. And, if you were wondering, no vendor can pay to get a link on this page. Also, unless otherwise specified, each of these recommendations are in the Los Angeles area.

Bakers/Wedding cakes

The Bombshell Bakery's Kathleen Chavez

Kathleen and I go way back, to our college newspaper. Fast forward 11 years, and she has left journalism to bake beautiful, gourmet and totally delicious cakes. (I know, she baked me one for my baby shower last summer.) To contact Kathleen, like the Bombshell Bakery on Facebook.

Olivia Doherty with Top Chef's Bryan Voltaggio

I worked with Olivia about 10 years ago for a very brief week, but have kept in touch with her since. Maybe five years ago, she blogged about getting one of those great big mixers, and the rest is history — she began baking gorgeous goodies like cupcakes and cakes, and was even featured on Style Me Pretty. You can check out the photos of her goodies on Flickr. Email her at [email protected]. Olivia is based in Maryland.


Moonie Lantion

Moonie is one of the first people I “met” when I started blogging, oh, 14 years ago? He’s always been a music lover, and a few years ago, started deejaying weddings as a weekend job. He has a huge variety of music, and has deejayed several weddings I’ve had to work and attend. Contact me to get in contact with Moonie.


Daniel Barrientos

Maybe it was just the doubts of an older sister, but I had misgivings about my brother Daniel continuing my mom’s flower business, but no more. My brother has really impressed me with his style, creativity and, most importantly, his efficiency doing flowers for weddings these last couple of months. I wholeheartedly recommend his work, and if you do contract with him, you may get me draping your wedding! Contact me to contact him.


Lori Anderson and Keith Mason (photo by Christopher Becker)

Lori is another veteran of my college newspaper who ended up doing wedding-related work. She and her husband are both photographers, and I’ve recently been loving the family portraits they’ve been shooting. They also shoot engagements and weddings and have done some great work. They shoot primarily in Orange County; contact them at Lori Anderson Photography.

Erik Oginski

Of all my recommendations, I’ve known Erik the fewest number of years, but have worked with him most intensely over those past six years. Yes, he’s my boss at, but don’t think I had to include him just because he’s my boss. In a high-pressure newsroom, Erik is totally unflappable, and that’s a good quality when all hell feels like its breaking loose at your wedding. Check out his photos and get in contact with him at Studio OG.

Su-E Tan

Su-E Tan also works with me at CBS2/KCAL9. You may be wondering, is he taking a photo with the NBA Championship trophy? Yes, you would be correct. He is the station’s unofficial photographer, photographing the Lakers, the Dodgers and, if you decide to use him for your wedding, you. Check out his work and contact him at his site, e2-studio.