Cheaper options for wedding and bridesmaid dresses


I didn’t have a traditional wedding — you know, the type where you spend about the cost of a down payment for a house — so, every so often, I fantasize about what I would have done. (It’s also my chance to muse on “this is what I would do if we were going to have a renewal ceremony.”)

darleene wedding dressHere are a few views of the dress I bought for my wedding nearly nine years ago. Guess where I bought my dress? The now-defunct Robinson’s May. Guess how much I paid? The dress was less than $20 because it was on clearance. You know, for a last-minute wedding overlooking the ocean, I think it turned out pretty well.

It’s not popular among wedding bloggers to say such a thing, but I’ve never been one to just parrot the party line — wedding dresses do not have to cost a lot. In fact, I’m the type of person whose pleasure in a thing diminishes as the cost goes up. I think you’ll find that you will enjoy your wedding day much more if it doesn’t keep you in debt for the next 10 years. So, let’s start with the dress and where you could possibly get it for less than, say, $500.

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