Fun and simple guest table centerpieces

If flowers are important to you, the blushing bride, then you should focus on your guest table centerpieces. These arrangements will literally be front and center to your guests and will be what they remember most. They may also be the most photographed flowers of your wedding. But if a huge topiary or a cascading, double-tiered arrangement is not your style, here are a few fun flower arrangement ideas I found on Flickr.

Flickr photo by [email protected]

Like a fish bowl! Fish bowls are fun and casual containers for flowers, and you can fill it with whatever you want — here, there are roses, orchids, daisies, a floating candle and water, but you can can also add shiny marbles, rocks, more dandles, colored water — whatever your bride-to-be heart desires. The mirror its sitting on is optional, but you can go square or circle — I’d go square, but that’s just me.
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