Wedding arch styles, from simple to sensational

Flickr photo by uproot311

The last time I did a post about arches for a wedding ceremony, I didn’t really focus on them, and it seems a lot of people are looking for them.

Its unfortunate but true that most of my pictures of weddings I’ve decorated have been of wedding receptions, and most arches are used for the ceremony and vows. And of the pictures I’ve taken of ceremony decorations, they’ve been of churches. So, that means most of the weddings I’ve decorated have not had arches. So of course I turned to Flickr, where I found a lovely variety of arches, including the one above. I really like this one. It’s a portable wood arch, with tulle entwined around its front legs and its top. In front of the ocean, you really don’t need more decoration than this.
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Eric and Ashley – a riverside wedding

As I enter the home stretch of my pregnancy, I’ve invited others to guest blog their decorating experiences here. A huge thanks to Matt, who works with a florist in New York. Any others interested in guest blogging their decorating experiences, friends’ weddings or just want to ruminate on their favorite decorating trends should shoot me an email at darleene -at- Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone!

My name is Matt, and I am very excited to be guest posting for you today.

I work at a florist in Upstate New York, and this summer I had the opportunity to do an amazing wedding and reception at one of our client’s summer house in the beautiful Thousand Islands.

The wedding arch (pre chair set up)

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An arch, pew decorations and pool flowers

Ah, did I catch your attention with the mention of pool flowers? Yeah, you don’t see it that often, but when you do — wow! These pictures are from a friend who did not want to be identified, but she so happened to be at two weddings a few weekends ago and saw the flowers and just knew I would want pictures. The pictures were taken from her cell phone, but you can click on each photo for a bigger version.

The first wedding, by the way, was at Dove Canyon Country Club, a venue I have never had the pleasure of decorating. The area code on the website tells me its in south Orange County, and my friend says Rancho Santa Margarita. The second wedding was in Palos Verdes at a private home.

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