Church and ceremony pew decorations

Decorating pews for the ceremony can be difficult. Not all wedding ceremonies are performed in churches, and sometimes churches are the most difficult places to decorate of all. A lot of churches, especially Catholic churches in my experience, do not allow tape on their pews of any kind, so trying to attach some sort of decoration on pews usually ends up with a wrestling match between you and some rubber bands. There are also clips, but those slip off easily, and you don’t want a flower arrangement slipping off as you walk down the aisle in your full-skirted wedding dress.

Above is a picture from a wedding in which I was a bridesmaid a few years ago.

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Aisle decorations

Walking down the aisle on your big day, you want the path you walk to be as beautiful as you feel.

Flickr photo by Kauai, HI

So I figured I would give you a few ideas on decorating the aisle you’ll walk on your big day. Above, you’ve got Hawaiian orchids marking the aisle. Of course, the rest of the scenery in Kuauai is so beautiful, you don’t need much else.

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Wedding ceremony decorations

When you say “I do,” what are you hoping your surroundings look like?

Photo by Hoang

A lot of brides-to-be hope for a beach wedding, which can mean so many things here in Southern California. You could aim for an actual on-the-sand ceremony, or you could do something like this — have your wedding within the comfortable confines of a beachfront hotel like the Huntington Beach Hyatt. You won’t accidentally get some uncomfortably large man sunbathing in an uncomfortably small swimsuit (or, heaven forbid, in nothing at all!) in your wedding pictures, but you still get the sunshine and refreshing salty air of a beach wedding.

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Tulips, roses and one garden wedding

Some of the weddings I’m being sent have been amazing, and only Royal Wedding Month was in my way of posting them. I’m here to fix that problem right now.

I truly wish I knew who the florist was for this spectacular set up, but I don’t. No, it wasn’t me or anyone I know. But my undercover wedding attender was highly impressed by this garden wedding at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo. Can you blame her? I briefly considered saving this overall photo for last, but c’mon — we want detail shots, am I right?

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