Bridal gowns with color

Thanks to Jessica Biel, I think its safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot more pink bridal gowns in 2013. It apparently shocked, shocked! celebrity watchers when she chose a pink wedding dress. Um, it’s 2012, and I think many brides are throwing wedding traditions — like the white wedding dress — out the window with no regrets.

Ivory/pearl pink wedding dress from David’s Bridal

Apparently, 2013 bridal gowns from designers like Vera Wang, Enzoani and Maggie Sotero were in all sorts of strong colors — scarlet red, deep burgundy, peach, even black. However, when it comes to high fashion, from my experience, fashions seen on the runway are tempered down when it comes to regular consumers. So I don’t expect too many brides to rock scarlet red wedding gowns — unless you’re Chinese, and you’re wearing a traditional Chinese gown in red, symbolizing good luck in that culture.

At any rate, I do believe we will see more white wedding gowns with pops of color, like red embroidery or peach lace, or wedding gowns in pink — like Jessica Biel — champagne or peach.

Whisper pink bridal gown

For example, the two gowns I’ve featured here, courtesy of David’s Bridal. The first is a ivory and pearl pink strapless gown with several overlapping layers on the skirt that is actually available in stores now. If you loved Jessica Biel’s wedding dress, then this dress is a bargain at $499.

The second of the two gowns is a little more traditional with just a hint of pale pink color. The skirt features what appears to be tulle rosettes. This dress is $649 and will hit stores in January 2013.

Incidentally, I once wrote about the history and culture of wedding dresses and color a good 10 years ago as an intern at the Arizona Republic. That article has long gone offline, but it was republished at So where did the traditional white wedding dress come from? From the Victorian era, of course.

So, what do you think about wedding dresses in colors other than white or ivory? If you think I’m totally crazy for predicting colored bridal gowns will be hot in 2013, tell me in the comments. To get an idea of what else I think will be popular for 2013’s weddings, visit my 2013 Wedding board on Pinterest. And if you think I’m totally missing the mark on a hot trend, let me know!

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