Trends in 2013: Mint

When it comes to color, I think mint green will be popular in 2013’s weddings. I can’t say exactly why, but I’ve seen it at a couple of weddings this year, and it makes me think that as a color, it will just continue to grow in popularity next year.

In terms of flowers and decorations, mint green (or light green, if that’s your preference), its an easy color to work with. Probably the flower most closely matching mint green is the green cymbidium orchid, like the one in the little silver cup at the base of this tall arrangement. When choosing flowers for a mint green wedding, you really just need lots of greens and lots of white flowers. And you can mix in a few green cymbidiums and green mums, too.

You see what I mean? Flowers are easy to choose when you only have to worry about green and white. Even some not-yet-bloomed white roses have that green tinge still.

Photo by Stacy Kokes

Mint will definitely be a popular color in 2013, but here’s a distinct twist that you may only get from me: I love the combination of mint and peach. Am I thinking as if I want iced tea? Maybe. But look at these bridesmaids. I love the way the two colors look together. And I’m not the only one.

As I’ve previously done with my Trends in 2013 series, here’s a gallery of Flickr photos of wedding elements using mint. And man, the mint and peach wedding cakes look beautiful.

Green BouquetGreen Criss CrossPink and Mint Green Taffeta (1)Mint11421556_Priscila_e_Viniciusmint green wedding cake with pink roses
Table Setting InspirationGreen Dessert Table / BuffetVintage Mint & Peach Peony Wedding CakeKris

Wedding colors: Mint, a gallery on Flickr.

How am I doing so far in my 2013 wedding trends predictions? For a hint of what’s to come next, check out my 2013 Wedding board on Pinterest. And if you think I’m totally wrong, or if you have something you think I’ve missed, leave me a comment!

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