Trends In 2013: Use your photos as decorations

I love taking photos, always have. I’ve been taking photos of my loved ones since, gosh, junior high, when taking photos involved film and a couple of days to get your pictures developed at the local drug store. Seeing as how we’re all so crafty and DIY now, and armed with smartphones with cameras that give us instantaneous photographs, it makes sense to incorporate more of those photos into wedding decorations.

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One of my favorite sites lately has been Photojojo. It has all sorts of accessories for iPhone users and photography enthusiasts, and its blog is chock full of DIY ideas on how to make your photos the centerpiece of your event. For example, the under-$5 contraption holds photos with the help of florist wire and rocks (or seashells). They call this the DIY Stone Photo Holder.

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The idea above is actually a Thanksgiving centerpiece, but it would totally work as a general centerpiece. You can use it for your entry way, or even as your actual centerpiece, alongside a few flowers, like in the example above.

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Have I mentioned how much I love lanterns? Learn how to make a paper lantern with your photos superimposed on them. (Photojojo calls them glowing photo spheres.) Talk about personalized decorations!

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Photos are often somehow incorporated into the giveaways, and this would be no different. I’m not so sure if you want your guests necessarily licking a picture of the happy couple, but the important thing you should take away from this is that you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get photos on lollipops — you can do it yourself!

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Then there’s StickyGram. I totally have been saving this idea for my Instagram photos of my boys. This could totally be one of the cheapest, easiest ideas for a personalized giveaway ever. Basically, you pay $14.99 for a sheet of 9 magnets with the Instagram photos of your choice on them. I like the Thank You example above — can’t you just see it with a beautiful photo of you and your new husband, waving goodbye? I can!

That’ll be it for me and my 2013 wedding predictions. How do you think I did? Leave me a comment, and let me have it. Don’t forget to check out my 2013 Wedding board on Pinterest!

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