Want a REALLY cheap wedding?

I’ve been meaning to post something about this since last week, ever since I saw the story that my station‘s Dave Malkoff did — a wedding sponsored by the 99-Cent Only Store?! I think its an idea only a groom could love, but hear me out!

The 99-Cent Only Store is taking advantage of 9/9/09 (coming up really fast, actually) by offering to host weddings for 9 couples. The 9 couples won’t even have to pay for all their marriage license — the 99-Cent Only Store will reimburse the couple up to $70 for it. Of course, that means your wedding, including the decor and your wedding gown, will be made up of items from the 99-Cent Only Store. Hm, I wonder if this goes for the groom’s wear too? I have no idea, I should ask.

Most brides I can think of would balk at the idea of having a wedding with stuff from the 99-Cent Only Store. Sure enough, most of the people who seemed to be interested in the idea were grooms and grandmothers — heheh. But the idea of it is so kooky, it would make a great story later on. And of course, the whole point to having a wedding is to get married — this would accomplish that goal quite nicely and economically. And you could always have a bigger wedding later (which is what I plan to do later, when my husband and I celebrate 10 years).

Elsy Guardado, who is coordinating this promotion, sent me this photo of the dress designed by the “Dollar Doctor” Kathy Jacobs, who is pictured in the second photo. The dress, hehe, is made up of T-shirts, table runners, doilies and loofahs and inspired by a Chanel wedding dress. Heheh. I’m telling you — it’ll make an excellent story for your kids!

There’s only a few more days to deadline, which is Aug. 24. So if you’re interested, call (323) 881-1247. Good luck!

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  2. What a great idea and a wonderful promotion. Frugality and weddings do not normally meet in the same sentence with wedding costs spiralling out of control. It is refreshing to see a special niche developing now for a more cost effective wedding, although the 99 cent store was not something that would automatically spring to mind.

  3. I had to read this twice and even then it took me several minutes to reailze that dress in the photo was done with products from a $.99 store (how bad is that, I don’t even know how to make the cent sign on my keyboard?!). That is amazing and the dress is absolutely beautiful. What a great idea!

  4. OMGoodness!!! This is what i have been looking for, for months… Even though I’m getting married in 2011, why wait a year before. I’m the type who does things now, in the present! I needed help looking for ideas on how to decorate the table, NOT WITH STUFF, well, that too!!! But the color scheme… My colors are: Pink, Silver, Fuscia and Black. I told a friend about my dilema and she suggested Stargazers, so i went searching and I stumbled on to this website by accident…I WANTED TO CRY!!! And what do i see??? Reception tables in the color im planning…WOW!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME…. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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