Wedding decoration ideas for a gazebo

If you can score a wedding venue with a gazebo, do it! Gazebos are so easy and so much fun to decorate and make your wedding look spectacular. Best part is, you don’t need a whole lot to make a gazebo look fancy.

Flickr photo by Zandania

It’s not easy to find a spectacular gazebo set up like this, but they seem to be common in resort areas, where you don’t need a whole lot of space for dozens of guests. This gazebo, in Cuba, was decorated with white chiffon and a couple of vibrant flower arrangements at the front.

Flickr photo by larissa72350

This gazebo is perfect for a more sizable wedding. It’s on a big deck, overlooking a spectacular green valley. It’s decorated with white tulle and an arrangement full of gerber daisies.

Flickr photo by playazulcozumel

At first, I didn’t think this was a gazebo. But it turns out that pergolas and arbors are also considered gazebos! I’m sure that this pergola usually serves as a spot where people can lounge in the shade, but they dressed it up for a wedding with the white fabric along the top and the big flower arrangements on each side and in the front.

Flickr photo by DanielleGrace

This pergola, however, is my favorite — at least among the beach examples. I love the way they draped it — chiffon draping the front, over the top and draping the back. It’s totally possible to do this with just two pieces of chiffon, if they are long enough — think 25 yards or more per piece. I think that you can also get this effect with English netting. I also love the table and the draped bow on it.

Flickr photo by Ayana Resort and Spa

I’ve noticed that weddings in Asia are super elaborate, and this is no exception. (The brother of a friend who is Indonesian recently got married, and I saw just how elaborate his wedding was.) This photo of a gazebo wedding is from the Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali, Indonesia. Now, let’s go through all the little details: The alternating pink and white plumeria curving aisle for the bride to walk on. The two-level flower arrangements on each side of the aisle. The white-covered seats with pink organza sashes, gathered at an angle toward the center with flowers. And, finally, the tall pergola with the flower arrangements on each post. Spectacular. And, if you visit their website, that resort doesn’t look half bad either!

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