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I knew this time would eventually come — time to sell some of my mom’s wedding decorations. At this time, it’s time to sell some of her draping materials.

If you follow Wedding Decorator regularly, you probably have recognized many of the materials that are for sale in the pictures I’ve posted. For example, you’ll recognize both the baby blue sequin fabric and charmeuse in one of the pictures in this post about head table decorations.

The cream and burgundy chiffon can be seen in this photo:

And very honestly, I don’t think I’ve used any of these organza colors that I’m now offering for sale. The bronze and brown are quite beautiful though.

As for price, that’s negotiable. They’re not raw materials, obviously, and many of these have been hemmed. (Considering some of them are 25 yards or so, that’s pretty impressive.) If you were to buy them online or even at a wholesale fabric store, most of these materials would average about $5 a yard or so, and these pieces range between 10 to 25 yards a piece. If you’re interested, send me an email and we can negotiate. I would also offer you a steep discount if you were interested in taking the entire batch off my hands all at once.

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