Wedding Decorator’s Pinterest boards

Pinterest is totally addicting.

I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest since I got my invite late last year, creating boards that would pertain to decorating weddings. Check these out:

Source: via Darleene on Pinterest

Guest Table Setups: I’ve seen some totally awesome guest table setups on Pinterest, and the majority of them are long guest tables. I find that interesting — are long guest tables easier to make gorgeous? Is there not enough real estate on a round guest table?


Bouquets: Wow, there are some spectacular bouquets pinned on Pinterest. On Pinterest, they come in a rainbow of colors, with all types of flowers — I really love anemones right now — and in a range of styles. Want one inspired by a peacock feather? You’ve got it on Pinterest. How about one using gerber daisies? It’s been pinned.

Source: via Darleene on Pinterest

Aisle decorations: Maybe its just me, but I’m obsessed with aisle decorations. I love draping, I love aisle flower arrangements, and I love creative aisle runners. Is it just me? Anyway, enjoy the aisle decorations board.


Centerpieces: Of course, I had to have a centerpieces board. The centerpieces that get popular on Pinterest tend to be simple and very creative, and very easy to recreate. Its no coincidence that a good chunk of the centerpieces I’ve pinned include candles and branches.

Anyway, that’s just three of my boards. I have a few more, plus boards that don’t have much to do with weddings. Hope to see you on Pinterest!

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