Wedding Venue: Almansor Court in Alhambra

Almansor Court gazebo in blueIf there is one venue I have been to repeatedly as a wedding decorator, it would be Almansor Court in Alhambra. For my mom and her clientele, its location was ideal — right in the middle of the San Gabriel Valley, not far from the 10 Freeway, but also not overlooking the freeway.

Almansor Court is essentially the banquet facility of the Almansor Golf Club. It’s popularity is partly due to what you see here — its perch overlooking its gazebo, which sits on the edge of Alhambra Lake. What you don’t see is that the lake and the banquet facility are also the immediate neighbors of Almansor Park.

Almansor Court gazebo in lavenderHere’s another angle of the gazebo, decorated in lavender this time. These two weddings just so happened to take place within two weeks of each other.

Almansor Court is picturesque, for sure, and very central, but in my opinion, the real reason for its popularity is because its banquet prices are pretty reasonable. What’s a fast and easy way to determine whether a venue’s prices are reasonable? They post prices on their website.

For 2013 (pdf), Almansor Court is totally upfront with how much you can expect to pay for certain entrees and dinners. They have three packages — silver, gold and platinum, and each package includes a three-course meal, a cake, unlimited fruit punch, a champagne/apple cider toast, cake cutting, dance floor, your choice of table linens and chocolate mints on each table. (I have fond memories of eating those Andes mints while decorating. Sorry, Almansor Court.) The gold and platinum packages include more expensive options — meaning alcohol.

So, if you want to serve, say, prime rib with the silver package for lunch? That will be $31.99 per person. How about a dinner buffet with the platinum package? That will be $57.99 per person. Posting prices online makes it easier to plan a wedding budget, and less likely that they will tack on all manner of extra “wedding fees” to surprise you on the day of your wedding. And, let’s not forget, this is a ceremony and reception combo venue, and that always helps the budget.

large entry arrangement at Almansor CourtAlmansor Court’s new website has a few different photo galleries you can explore, and they show the facility’s Spanish-style architecture and shots of covered, outdoor patio spaces that seem to have been installed rather recently. You can also get a feel for the weddings they’ve hosted in the events gallery.

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