Wedding venues with pre-installed ceiling decorations

The readers here love, no, seriously, love ceiling decorations, which is why I’ve written a variety of articles about the subject. But its not an easy thing to accomplish and finding the right wedding decorator who can do ceiling decorations plus a venue that will let you do so might be more trouble than its worth. So why not find a venue with built-in ceiling decorations?

Facebook photo from The Castaway Restaurant

Facebook photo from The Castaway Restaurant

I’ve worked at The Castaway in Burbank so many times, and its a great venue overall. They have a really nicely redone courtyard, a lovely gazebo where you can have a ceremony and a variety of banquet rooms where you can either have a mountain view (which is less expensive) or a city view. The city view banquet rooms, overlooking Burbank and the Los Angeles basin, are the ones that feature swag on the ceilings.

As far as I know, I believe I’ve worked just once at the La Cañada Flintridge Country Club, but its a lovely venue with a killer view. It’s Grand Ballroom, pictured here, can accommodate a party of up to 300 (with a dance floor). The swag on the ceilings appears to be chiffon, and as you can see, there are also some Christmas lights inside the swag.

Flickr photo by Hoang

Flickr photo by Hoang

At the Altadena Country Club‘s Victorian room, they take ceiling decorations to a whole new level. I’d call this more art installation than ceiling decorations. The elaborate chandelier in the middle of all this crystal organza and Christmas lights appears to be more silver here, but if you look at the club’s weddings page, it looks gold. So which is it? My guess would be that its the type of chandelier that changes colors depending on the lighting you add to it. How cool is that?

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So where’s this? Don’t laugh — this is the commissary where I work, at the CBS Radford Lot in Studio City. Every so often, when I need to get out of the office, I walk over to the commissary and get some frozen yogurt. This day, I happened to look up and noticed all the draping and Christmas lights along the eaves. I asked one of the workers if it had been decorated for a special occasion, but apparently, it is always like this. I’ve written a couple of times about weddings on the lot, so while it doesn’t sound very fancy or special, using the commissary might be a good option if you have a small party but still want that special ambiance.

Bonus: Venues With Eaves Perfect For Draping

If you have your heart set on having your reception’s ceiling draped just so, and have a wedding decorator willing to do the work, I’ve run into a couple of venues with eaves and that appear amenable to this sort of decorations. First, the Friendly Hills Country Club in Whittier is absolutely beautiful — you can see from the photos from this past post the lovely eaves they have in a room overlooking their picturesque golf course. You should also visit the Pomona Mining Co. (in Pomona, near the fairgrounds) or Orange County Mining Co. (in Orange). Both restaurants have a rustic theme going on, so of course there’s lots of exposed stone fireplaces, wood decor and, most importantly, exposed wood beams overhead.

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