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I’ve come across several wedding-related stories the past few days that I wanted to share.

First, a friend posted this story about a bride who made her wedding dress from 10,000 bread tags. The bride, Stephanie Watson in Australia, works in the fashion industry and began collecting the tags when she and her now-husband began dating — in high school. Stephanie obviously made the dress herself, seeing as how there’s probably not too many dressmakers who know how to incorporate bread tags into a dress. So how did the dress — which eventually became known as Nadine — come out?

I actually think it came out rather pretty. The dress ended up costing a total of $38, but Stephanie has said the dress was pretty uncomfortable (um, what wedding dress isn’t?) and weighed 7 kilos — about 15 and a half pounds. But its a great story and it reverberated halfway around the world….and, as they always say, you only get married once. This sort of underscores something I read in another wedding-related article, 10 things the wedding industry won’t tell you, which actually contains a lot of information I’ve mentioned myself — if you have your heart set on doing something DIY, pick something that can be completed well in advance — like your dress.

“Step away from the inspiration boards when it comes down to knocking things off your checklist,” she says. Couples who want to do DIY projects should also stick to ones that can be completed well in advance. “Anything fresh or floral or baking, leave it up to the pros,” Winnika says. “You don’t want to be doing that on your wedding day.”

In other news, my heart tugged a little reading about strangers contributed to an online campaign to help a bride with an extremely rare  and aggressive form of breast cancer marry her long-distance fiance right away. Jennifer Batugo was given just a few months to live, so she and her fiance, Brian Gargano, decided to get married in April rather than August.

Photo by Coco Gallery

Photo by Coco Gallery

The wedding officiant, Elysia Skye, just happened to be a breast cancer survivor herself. Jennifer and Brian, it seems were planning to just get married, but Elysia kind of catapulted it into a whole new atmosphere — she launched an indiegogo campaign to raise more than $18,000 for the couple and got donations for every aspect of the wedding, even a wig for Jennifer.

I’m about to tear up. Sometimes, people are wonderful. Go check out more of their wedding photos on Coco Gallery’s Facebook page.

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