12 tips to save money on your wedding decorations

This guest post is written by Brenda Westwood, the author of the ebook, “Wise Wedding Planning.” I’m in total agreement with many of her tips, so enjoy!

Weddings are very expensive affairs. If you do not want to skimp on the food and the
venue, then cutting corners on your wedding decorations is never a bad thing.

Here are 12 ways to do that without sacrificing the quality and the impact of the

  1. When you decorate, focus on the areas that are noticeable. For example, your choice of flowers on the wedding reception will definitely be given attention by your guests. But, chances are, the flowers placed on the barely noticeable end-corners of the pews where they will be seated will not give them pause. Instead, make a good impression on the flowers that decorate the back of the guest’s chairs.
  2. Use more candles to add style and drama. Candles are less expensive than flowers. You can combine candles with flowers, too. Float candles and petals in a bowl of water and use them as table centerpieces.
  3. Go for paper lanterns. They enhance the romantic mood.
  4. Tiny lights that peek through tulle are beautiful and wallet-friendly.
  5. Choose flowers that are available locally. Talk to local florists and haggle. In addition, select the ones that are in season, so you can save a lot of money.
  6. Ask if you can rent plants from your florist since that’s a much cheaper option.
  7. If the florist charges you for the centerpiece vases, then provide your own. It’s time to bring out those elegant milk-glass antique vases from a relative’s or a friend’s house. Heirloom items are unique and add to the ambiance.
  8. White flowers have a tendency to bruise easily, so florists tend to mark them up because they need a lot of white blossoms in order to find viable ones.
  9. The most expensive flowers are orchids and roses; you might want to find equally attractive alternatives.
  10. Wheatgrass decorations are cheap and strikingly modern-looking for spring weddings. Get wheatgrass growing kits and start growing them weeks before your wedding day.
  11. Fill vases and tall bottles with colored gel beads or water pearls.
  12. Branch centerpieces make great wedding decorations. Use them to decorate the church pews instead of flowers. Or you may arrange them with a few flowers to be used as table centerpieces.

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