About the Decorator

Darleene Powells

My name is Darleene Powells and I’m the author of this here blog. Welcome!

By day, I’m a mild-mannered journalist, producing news, stories and videos for cbs2.com in Los Angeles. But because I’ve been a blogger for more than 10 years now, a couple of years ago, I thought it would be kind of fun to put stuff from my weekend job online. My occasional weekend job? I was a wedding decorator, or more precisely, a draper for my mom, Aida Barrientos, who is a florist.

How did I learn how to drape? Mostly from pictures and from my own whims. Generally, I drape tables and floral props like columns and balustrades. I can and have also draped stages and walls. I often incorporated lighting to literally spotlight these designs, usually what I call backdrops.

My mom, God rest her soul, died in July 2008 after a battle with gastric cancer. I’m eternally grateful for all that she taught me — not only in being creative, but also how to be disciplined while being creative and organized. Back in the day, I used to urge my mom to use more of her profits for herself, for vacations and leisure, but she’d always go out and buy more equipment, saying, “its for the business!” Now I find myself sounding just like she did, especially as I’ve spent a little here and there to bring this blog to its own domain and host, telling my husband, “its for the blog!” Like mother, like daughter.

In a way, this blog is part of my mom’s legacy of being a wedding decorator and florist. So I promise to make this the best and most relevant blog about weddings and decorations you might find.