Fancier tall flower arrangements

Ohhh, tall flower arrangements. Who plans a wedding without even at least considering a tall flower arrangement? There are so many styles out there, now, too — the possibilities are endless.

Flickr photo by Blue Bouquet

I love this arrangement. It’s still tall and beautiful, but so friendly looking. This is perfect for a fall wedding, of course, with the sunny sunflowers and warm red mums. This arrangement would look both indoors and out.

Flickr photo by The Blooming Idea

This is a very traditional tall flower arrangement. I like the wrought-iron, candelabra-style stand, and I love that embroidered tablecloth. I think, however, the best part about this arrangement is the dual-toned orange and red roses and lilies. How did they get these beautiful blooms to match so well??? I also love the feathers and the ivy.

Flickr photo by JAY ZHANG

This arrangement was apparently part of a wedding show. I don’t think these arrangements are even really made of flowers, but they are so cool! What’s on top of the tall trumpet vase (which is holding a whole bunch of strings of pearls) looks kind of like a purple feather pompom, and sticking out of the top are three purple ostrich feathers. BONUS: If you’re interested in a feather theme or feather accents for your wedding decorations, check out Zucker Feather Products.

Flickr photo by Vilseskogen

These huge flower arrangements totally remind me of my mom and Silverio‘s work. Talk about show stoppers — these are just like the arrangements that Silverio used to do that would blow me away. I love the use of those sago palm branches — you know, the really painful spiky type — the orchids, the anthurium, the willow branches. These are awesome.

Flickr photo by JAY ZHANG

These arrangements are maybe the most understated of the bunch, but they’re still visually stunning. The trick was in the color choices — blue and orange are considered to be complementary colors. The flowers are pretty common — white hydrangeas, orange lilies and pink roses — but paired with that vibrant, almost teal blue, the overall picture is gorgeous.

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