Trends in 2013: Garlands

I worked with garlands very early on in my “career” decorating weddings with my mom. In fact, I’d say that garlands were the first thing I draped. For us at the time, garlands were silk flowers and leaves that I would use on pretty much anything — church pews, reception tables, gazebos. This was back in, gosh, 1994, 1995? So it doesn’t surprise me that garlands are making a comeback, with a modern twist.

Fresh garland as aisle decorations

This garland, which my mom had made, for a friend’s wedding in Pasadena, was made of fresh greens — lemon leaves and another green leaf that is thorny and itchy — for the aisle decorations. It’s very traditional. But I think 2013’s wedding garlands will be very DIY.

Flickr photo by u-murrayhusted

I LOVE this. Paper cranes are a very Asian tradition. Japanese legend says that if you fold a thousand origami cranes, a crane will grant you a wish, so it is kind of appropriate for a wedding. (Hopefully, the wish would be for a happy, prosperous and fruitful marriage!) But you don’t have to be Japanese or Asian to incorporate paper cranes into your wedding. Anyway, I love these paper crane garlands, and the rainbow colors are an added bonus. Very DIY.

Here are a few more garland photos I found on Flickr:

decor_garlandSweet Cup of Tea Paper GarlandWelcome..DSCF1900cupcake garland i made for my booth!Tulle Pom Party Garland - Bright Pink -
Wedding Stairwell GarlandIMG_3240Odyssey Country Club East Gazebophotos

Garland ideas, a gallery on Flickr.

To get an idea of what I believe will be hot in 2013, visit my 2013 Wedding Pinterest board. What do you think will be hot in 2013? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

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