Trends In 2013: Wine bottle centerpieces

Prognostication is a more of an art than a science in any topic — sports, politics, even weddings. Last month, as I surfed Pinterest, I got to thinking — what will be the hot trends when it comes to decorating weddings in 2013? Mason jars have been everywhere for a long time now, but I think their time has passed. I think the time has come for the wine bottle flower arrangement.

Flickr photo by gwacie

When you think about it, its simple. It can look classy. And its upcycling. That’s three good reasons to do it.

Flickr photo by Claudio Matsuoka

Wine bottles are easy to procure really, especially if you’re already a wine drinker — just clean them and collect them. (Hopefully you have some space to store them.) They come in all sorts of shapes, all sorts of colors. And I’ve seen so many people do so many things to modify them for their needs — they’ve cut them in half to make them votives (either the top to cover the candle, or the bottom to hold the candle), they’ve used them simply as vases, or they’ve used them as part of a flower arrangement. In fact, I found a few really great ways other folks have used wine bottles as a centerpiece on Flickr. Check out my gallery.

centerpiece_wine bottlesWine & cheese nightRecycled Bottle Centerpiece50party11Wine Bottle Candelabra Table CenterpieceWine Bottles as Vases
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Wine Bottle flower arrangements, a gallery on Flickr.

To get some more hints on what I think will be hot this coming year when it comes to decorating your wedding, check out my 2013 Wedding board on Pinterest. And if you have any other ideas on what you think might be hot in 2013, let me know!

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