Using sequined fabric to decorate a wedding

I have used a variety of beautiful fabrics to decorate weddings, but sequined fabric is by far the flashiest.

DSC05635As I’ve posted recently, I have several colors of sequined fabric available for sale, so I thought it would be nice to show you how it can be used to decorate weddings. Above is the most simple way to use sequined fabric — use it as a sort of flashy tablecloth top. This color is what I would call green apple green.

And while this may be the most simple way to use sequined fabric, its gaining in popularity. I’ve been seeing more and more table settings with colored and textured tablecloths, rather than just simple white.

Primarily, I used the sequined fabric to drape (or swag) cake tables, sweetheart tables and backdrops. Check it out.

DSC00166I used light blue and white sequined fabric on the backdrop here. It’s a little far, but see how sparkly it is from far away?

DSC00161Here’s a closeup of the sweetheart, where I used white sequined fabrice, underneath white crystal organza.

DSC00090Because the sequined fabric is so sparkly and flashy, I usually layered it with something a little more subtle, like English netting.

DSC01745On this cake table, I changed it up a little bit — made the light blue sequined fabric the primary layer, and the secondary layer was light blue organza.

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