50th Anniversary wedding decorations

Reaching 50 years of marriage is a huge achievement — the golden anniversary. So if you or your parents decide to celebrate this remarkable milestone, you might decide to do it up big, the way you may not have done it 50 years ago.

Golden anniversary altar arrangementThis wedding at St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Rowland Heights was, yes, a 50th anniversary wedding renewal, so naturally, there are a lot of gold-tone flowers — yellow roses, orange daisies — accented with areca palms spray painted gold. This is simply a closeup of the flowers.

Golden anniversary altar arrangement full viewThe other gold touch added to this arrangement was the gold metallic lamé draped over the column holding the altar arrangement. Shiny!

IMG_3418Here is the full view of the church — two gold-accented altar arrangements at the front, gold metallic lamé draped along the pews, with some white English netting draping as a second layer.

gold anniversary receptionAt the reception, the yellow roses and orange daisies were also used on the centerpieces, whose stands were wrapped with gold fabric. The seat covers, naturally, were tied with gold sashes.

Here’s another view of the reception. This facility was the clubhouse of the Diamond Bar Golf Club. Note the ceiling decorations; those are pre-installed.

golden anniversary tropical arrangementThis was the centerpiece of the buffet table, using pink ginger, heliconia and fresh mangoes, oranges, grapes, apples, pineapples and bananas. Its gold accents are the gold spray painted areca palms and braided ti leaves.

IMG_3430And, finally, the head table. Seeing as how this was an anniversary wedding, they probably only needed seats at the head table for themselves and their kids (and possibly spouses, if they only had two kids — I’m not sure if they did). The backdrop, with the tulle and lights, was pre-installed; I simply added gold organza to it. The head table is draped with gold organza and white English netting.

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  1. This is really nice but we are having a hard time getting the right gold – there is yellow and a more orange/gold

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